Let's Talk Facts

Factors that effect price!

Fire Class (Jonesboro is Class 1)
Property Condition
Wood Burning Fireplaces
Bundles (Home & Auto)
Exterior Walls (brick is typically a lower rate than vinyl siding)
Alarm Systems (monitored = best discount)
Roof Age (must be less than 15 years & a new roof gets lowest price)

Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools
Above Ground Requirements:
4’ Fence or Removeable Locking Ladder Required (no slides or diving boards)

In-Ground Requirements:
4’ Fence or Motorized Cover (diving board must be less than 20” and water must be 8’ Deep)


Need a full enclosure

Flood Insurance

FHA is now required to accept private flood insurance
Private Insurance is a more affordable option
Both are Rated on the elevation of lowest floor ie: Basements increase cost

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