Our Team


Our Team

After working together for many years, all of our colleagues have become family. There’s a special bond and shared mission that brings out the best in everyone. Our people are the backbone of Legacy Insurance Group. Long-term dedication, enthusiasm, and passion for what we do set us apart from other agencies.

Through continuing education and the pursuit of specialized degrees, our people are in touch with insurance trends and issues. They know what to ask and how to maximize insurance dollars. You’ll also find the people from Legacy Insurance Group volunteering in their communities, many serving leadership roles in a wide variety of civic organizations.

Courtney Watkins, AFIS, CLCS

Principal Agent

Tyler Watkins

Principal Agent

Tony Byrd


Shelly Rains, CISR

Commercial Agent

Randi Morris

First Impression Specialist & Agent

Hannah Chambers

Personal Lines Agent

Greg Smith


Barbara Niell

Commercial Agent

Andy Latting

Farm & Commercial Agent

Jessica Free

Leigh Ann Duke